Last call

• Roenicke has seen the strike zone tighten in recent seasons as technology leads to additional grading of umpires. He'd like to see things expanded a bit.

"I like the borderline being called a strike, and I like the low one being called a strike," Roenicke said. "That's what you're teaching pitchers, to throw the ball down. And you get a pitch that's at the knees and you can clearly see on the replay when you get a side view of it, you can see it's easily ... you know, it's the hollow of the knee, which is really below that kneecap, and we see balls going right across the top of the kneecap called balls all the time."

For pitchers who are interested, the Brewers have detailed scouting reports available on various umpires' tendencies.

Wily Peralta re-joined the Brewers on Sunday after spending recent days tending to a family matter in the Dominican Republic. He said he was mentally and physically ready to start Monday's series opener in Arizona.

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