Brewers begin stretch of 20 straight games

Brewers begin stretch of 20 straight games

NEW YORK -- If Monday's off-day felt a little sweeter than normal for the Brewers, it might be because they don't have another for three weeks. Tuesday's matchup against the Mets marked the first of 20 games in 20 days for Milwaukee, a stretch that will bring them to June 30.

"I think the guys, they understand what it is," manager Ron Roenicke said. "We have enough veterans here that will go out every day and know how to get prepared. They know it's an important time. It's a lot of road games also -- it's not just a long stretch.

"I think now, guys are still feeling good physically. We got the guys back that were on the DL earlier. We're OK right now."

The Brewers have had a remarkably even schedule so far -- 32 games at home, 32 on the road entering Tuesday -- and that will continue during this stretch as they split the rest of the month 10 home, 10 away.

"Hopefully that road feeling -- that we're going out there and we can win at any ballpark -- hopefully that stays," Roenicke said.

Of the six series, though, only one is against a team currently toward the top of its division's standings. That will be a three-game set at home against the Nationals -- currently tied for first in the National League East -- June 23-25.

With the busy schedule comes an increased importance of balancing the workload assigned to each player, specifically the pitchers. Righty Mike Fiers, called up over the weekend from Triple-A Nashville, could be one of the guys who benefits from that balance.

For now, he is at or toward the bottom of the bullpen depth chart. But if the team finds itself leaning on the relief corps more than it would like, Fiers might find himself with more significant innings.

"Once you start using guys, his role changes," Roenicke said. "There's a couple of guys down that night and he slides into their role. Tonight he would be the long man. If it could change tomorrow or the next day depending who's used tonight."

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