Murphy talks working dads at White House

Murphy talks working dads at White House

NEW YORK -- Insisting he was not nervous to speak at the White House during Monday's off-day, Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy said that, in fact, he "winged it."

Speaking about the role of working fathers in today's society, Murphy used his White House speech to thank his wife for all the work she does, and to discuss how the role of fathers is evolving. White House officials invited Murphy to speak on that topic after he absorbed criticism for taking paternity leave in April to attend the birth of his son, Noah.

"It was cool," Murphy said. "It didn't feel like it was overwhelming or anything, other than the lack of experience I have as a working dad. It was enjoyable. I'm glad we did it."

Taking a red-eye flight from San Francisco on Sunday night, Murphy met his wife, son, mother and father-in-law in Washington early Monday morning. The entire group took a tour of the White House, before Murphy climbed behind the podium for his speech.

"I really enjoyed it," Murphy said. "It was a humbling experience to be able to speak at an event I really don't have much experience in, working fathers. It was good."

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