HOF Classic fans support players past and present

HOF Classic fans support players past and present

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. -- Here are the results of the annual, entirely unscientific, probably inaccurate survey of the folks in the stands watching the Hall of Fame Classic game (conducted by one set of weary eyes employed by MLB.com):

Of the first 50 people wearing jerseys and T-shirts I saw Friday, seven wore Derek Jeter shirts. Not surprising. Nine wore No. 5 Mets shirts for the reigning Face of MLB, David Wright. Six Mickey Mantle 7s and Jackie Robinson 42s were spotted. Five folks wore Hideki Matsui's No. 55 Yankees shirts, and two others saluted the man with Godzilla shirts. Four Bob Gibsons and three Stan Musials represented the midwest, and Mark Teixeira had two supporters.

And a multitude of names worn once included Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Roberto Clemente, Yogi Berra, Chipper Jones, Mike Trout, Cal Ripken, Casey Stengel (in Mets colors), Joe Mauer, Alex Ochoa, Chase Utley, Gil Hodges, Brooks Robinson, Matt Harvey, Pedro Martinez, Masahiro Tanaka, Bobby Thomson, Ryan Howard, Kirby Puckett, Ron Gardenhire, Joe Torre, Ernie Banks, Harvey Haddix, Rick Monday, Paul Konerko, David Ortiz, Justin Verlander, James Loney and, of course, Eli Grba. That one was homemade.

One red T-shirt had the words "Go crazy, folks" printed on the front. One guy carried a placard reading "Vin Scully for the Hall of Fame." Scully won the Ford Frick Award in 1982. He's been in for 32 years.

Paul Casella is a reporter for MLB.com. Follow him on Twitter @paul_casella. Marty Noble is a columnist for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.