Confetti made up of personal documents

Confetti made up of personal documents

Amid the confetti and shredded paper dropping from skyscrapers on top of the Yankees during their World Series parade on Friday, there reportedly were files of unshredded personal financial documents being hurled to the street as well.

The New York Post reported that a number of personal documents were found on the parade route, and that one firm confirmed that an employee was "overzealous" in tossing out documents that included Social Security numbers and other personal information.

An auditor who spoke with the Post was alarmed at what he and his friends were finding while attending the parade.

"We're finding pay stubs," said Damian Salo, 29. "We're finding personal financial information. We found a balance sheet of someone's trust fund showing $300,000 in stock."

The Post reported that some of the documents came from the Liberty Street financial firm A.L. Sarroff, including Social Security numbers and detailed banking data.

"They're records that should have been shredded," said firm founder Alan Sarroff. "An overzealous employee threw them out the window. He was reprimanded."

According to the Post, the city estimated that at least 50 tons of refuse were left on city streets, and the Sanitation Department deployed 466 workers armed with 130 backpack blowers, 130 standard brooms, 45 street cleaners and 20 collection trucks.

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