Cosart working with Feldman to sharpen sinker

Cosart working with Feldman to sharpen sinker

ANAHEIM -- Four hours before Wednesday's game against the Angels, right-hander Jarred Cosart was on the field, playing catch with Tuesday's starter Scott Feldman, the veteran of the Astros rotation.

"He's giving me feedback," said Cosart, whose next start is Thursday night at Seattle. "I'm working on throwing a sinker now, and he's helping me. It's just [the] constant reinforcement that we do as a staff."

Since his Major League debut on July 12, 2013, Cosart ranks 10th among American League pitchers with at least 100 innings in ERA (3.02) and BAA (.231). Relying mostly on his fastball and curve, he ranks eighth this season in the AL in ground ball-to-flyball ratio (2.10).

"If he could add that [sinker] to what he's already got, it would be something," Feldman said. "Not many have three plus-pitches."

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