White Sox Expand "K Zone for Sale"

CHICAGO - To welcome ace Chris Sale back to the mound at U.S. Cellular Field this Thursday evening vs. the New York Yankees, and due to popular demand, the Chicago White Sox have expanded the "K Zone For Sale" to include Section 155 for all future Chris Sale starts. 

"K Zone For Sale" is a new ballpark promotion this season in sections 154 and 155 - for a total of more than 930 seats. When White Sox ace Chris Sale starts at home, fans with tickets in these sections will receive a free K Zone t-shirt and strikeout card, which can be picked up at the #SoxSocial Lounge before the end of the first inning. "K Zone For Sale" tickets are $20 for most games, with the exception of Family Sundays, when the tickets are $15 (subject to availability).

Tickets to White Sox games are available at whitesox.com, the U.S. Cellular Field ticket office and through Ticketmaster.