Astros in good hands with Castro, Corporan

Astros in good hands with Castro, Corporan

ANAHEIM -- As a team, the Astros have one passed ball, the second fewest in the American League; the Orioles have none.

Astros pitchers have thrown just eight wild pitches, second fewest behind the Tigers (seven), despite the fact that Houston's staff is loaded with ground-ball pitchers who throw sinkerball pitches.

And catchers Jason Castro and Carlos Corporan have totaled just two errors through the first 44 games.

"Obviously, they are working hard, not just to be tough outs in the box but when they're on the defensive end, and it's fun for our pitchers," veteran right-hander Scott Feldman said before Monday night's game against the Angels.

"Our catchers have done a tremendous job, not only blocking balls but calling pitches and getting in the right position," manager Bo Porter said. "A lot of it has to do with the confidence our pitchers have in them. But it's also a credit to Castro and Corporan for doing all the things it takes to be a top-notch catcher in this league."

Said Castro: "It all starts with our pitchers, and they've done a tremendous job. They're mostly young, but they're making progress, and the older guys on the staff have been doing a great job of bringing them along.

"They have confidence in throwing whatever Corp or I put down [as signs]. And Corp and I put in a lot of work in the spring to refine the defensive aspects of our game."

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