Leyland source of comedy relief for Ausmus

Leyland source of comedy relief for Ausmus

DETROIT -- Tigers manager Brad Ausmus isn't sure of exactly what year it was when he first met former skipper Jim Leyland, but he remembers it was at Comerica Park.

As is the wont of Leyland, who will be honored before Saturday's game against the Twins, "He made quite the impression," Ausmus said.

Since taking the Tigers' managerial job this offseason after Leyland's retirement, the pair has gotten to know each other quite well, and that includes Leyland's favorite jokes.

Ausmus chuckled recalling one of them in particular. It goes like this:

Leyland, who tells the joke as if it happened to him, says that he got pulled over going 100 mph on the freeway and that there were no other cars on the road at the time.

The police officer informs him how fast he was going, and Leyland says he was just trying to keep up with traffic.

In disbelief, the cop tells him there's not a single car around.

"I know," Leyland said. "I'm not keeping up."

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