Rally Chickens make 2014 debut at Progressive

Rally Chickens make 2014 debut at Progressive

CLEVELAND -- Corey Kluber doesn't dispute that a couple of chickens more than six feet tall shagged flies in the outfield during pregame Friday.

After inspiring the Tribe to a 12-5 win Friday, the new Rally Chickens had already made the wall of photos in the hallway outside the team's clubhouse.

The Indians' official Twitter account identified Kluber and reliever Cody Allen as the Chickens in the Outfield, but that's where the mystery begins.

"I don't know if there were guys who were planning it, or if it was one of those things where a couple of chickens showed up," Kluber said. "I think it's one of those things where the chickens probably felt we needed to loosen up a little bit and saw it as an opportune time to make an appearance."

As pouring rain moved batting practice indoors Saturday, Kluber found himself impressed that the chickens apparently checked the weather report, choosing to appear Friday when it was dry.

"They probably checked the forecast and made sure it was going to be a good day, so they didn't come for nothing," Kluber said.

Last season, the Rally Chicken gave the Indians a boost on the way to clinching a Wild Card spot. Tribe manager Terry Francona said he would welcome any chicken, real or imaginary, if results like Friday's continue.

"If we win again, they can all show up and wear chicken outfits," Francona said.

Kluber may deny that he wore one of the chicken suits Friday, but no one can deny the effect it seemed to have on a team ready to move on from a tough road trip.

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