Longo praises Hanigan's 'Dirtbag' mentality

Longo praises Hanigan's 'Dirtbag' mentality

NEW YORK -- Ryan Hanigan has brought the aura of a hard-nosed player to the Rays. When asked to characterize the Rays catcher, hitting coach Derek Shelton smiled and called him a "dirtbag" -- the ultimate compliment for a ballplayer, since it describes the manner in which he plays the game.

Evan Longoria, who played college baseball for Long Beach State, a.k.a., the "Dirtbags" was asked if Hanigan indeed was a dirtbag.

"He could have played at Long Beach, if he would have been there he would have fit in perfectly," Longoria said. "He's the definition of a gamer. A guy that's ready to play on a daily basis. A guy who prepares himself the best way he can. And really cares about, first, winning and how he can impact the pitchers.

"Obviously being a catcher, he's that guy that's kind of always in the video room looking for ways to help the pitchers. Looking for ways to better himself and he's been a welcome addition. He's been a great addition."

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