Maddon: Parker most comfortable on big league field

Maddon: Parker most comfortable on big league field

BOSTON -- The Rays played a split twin bill on Thursday after Wednesday night's game was rained out. That prompted manager Joe Maddon to dust off an old favorite split doubleheader story that took place in Cleveland and involved former Major Leaguer Dave Parker.

"Parkway was with the Angels back then," Maddon said. "I've told people [Parker] is the most comfortable man on a Major League Baseball field, and I'm kind of feeling my way through this whole thing, I'm just starting out [at the time].

"Split doubleheader, first game's over, we're looking for David, going to have something to eat, whatever. Parkway leaves the ballpark in full uniform and goes to some restaurant and has lunch and then comes back. So for me, that validated what I thought, he's the most comfortable man in a Major League Baseball uniform on a Major League field that I've ever met in my life. To leave the ballpark at lunch in full battle gear. He just went and did it. I even respected him more after that."

Maddon said he has not been tempted to try Parker's antics, but he added: "If one of our guys did, I would not be upset."

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