Cave Dwellers' Favorite Opening Day Moments

Best day of the year.

In preparation and sheer excitement for this week's Opening Day, the Cave Dwellers reflect on their personal favorite moments from our respective Opening Day games in years' past. Let's just say we can't wait for the games to begin!


The Cubs had great aspirations for the 2008 campaign with the signing of Japanese star Kosuke Fukudome. In his first game at Wrigley Field, he started the game two-for-two. But in my favorite part, with the Cubs trailing 3-0, Fukudome hit his first home run to tie the score against the rival Brewers. Even though the Cubs lost, this moment will always stand out to me. 


Jorge Posada hitting the first home run out at the new Yankee Stadium in 2009, christening a place that would see many, many more. Though the Yankees lost to the Indians that day, it was a moment I'll never forget. What made it even sweeter, though, is that Cliff Lee started for the Indians, and then later joined the Phillies. The Yankees got the last laugh on him in the World Series, winning title No. 27. 


I'll always remember when Emilio Bonifacio erupted at the plate, going four-for-5 with an inside-the-park homer against his former team! The crowd was pumped and the Marlins won, 12-6.


In my freshman year of college, I skipped a class and streamed the Mets' Opening Day game from MLB.TV. David Wright hit a first-inning homer to beat the Marlins. Yup, watching the game was better than class. 


Mark Buehrle went eight innings strong and Shingo Takatsu came in for the save. The season started off with a 1-0 victory over the Indians. And it was the first of 99 great regular season wins on the way to a World Series championship!


In 2004, the Giants hosted the rival Dodgers and the crowd was fired up! Though the Giants lost 3-2, it was an epic experience being able to sit in left field and watch Barry Bonds play baseball!


The Red Sox were presented with their World Series championship rings for the first time in 86 years. Still, the best memory of this day was when Jonny Pesky and Carl Yastrzemski raised the World Series banner.


Opening Day 2013 was so insane. The energy was off the hook for the game against our rival Giants. Clayton Kershaw opened up the series on the mound. And in his first at-bat, Kershaw knocked one out of the park! It was unexpected, and I will always remember that moment.