Worth noting

• Uehara and Tazawa, who have been intentionally scaled back this spring due to their workload last October, threw batting practice on Thursday to A.J. Pierzynski.

"They were originally scheduled for a bullpen [session] and felt like with the number of pitches that they've thrown to hitters, wanting to see hitters in the box, this was a little bit more of an intense work day rather than just a straight bullpen [session]," Farrell said.

• While the Red Sox have already been involved in multiple instant replay challenges this spring, Farrell looks forward to the entire system being in place during the regular season.

"A game like tonight, if this is in Yankee Stadium or Fenway, there's probably going to be up to 16 or 20 angles, because there's probably three stations carrying it, unlike a game elsewhere where there might not be the same amount of coverage, you're not going to have the same number of angles," Farrell said.

In Spring Training, the Red Sox can't look at the play themselves before deciding to ask for a challenge. That will change during the season.

"Well, we've already gone through meetings on the actual functionality of the system," said Farrell. "What we haven't been able to do is rehearse the review of the video -- pick up the phone, answer it and walk through that part of it. So that's where you appreciate the ability to use replay here. But like I said, it's going to be different."

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