Worth noting

Sergio Romo's rough spring continued with his roughest outing yet. The veteran closer didn't retire a hitter and allowed five runs on three hits and two walks on Saturday. Romo hasn't been using his slider -- his best pitch -- and as a result, his fastball and changeup have been getting hit hard.

"Sergio, when he's good, he's using both sides and hitting his spots real nice," Bochy said. "Right now, he's off. Sure he's not using his slider, but his changeup's off and his command, too."

• The Giants signed outfielder Darren Ford to a Minor League contract on Saturday. Ford, known for his speed, spent parts of two seasons in the Majors with the Giants. He has a .286 average over 14 big league at-bats and has nine stolen bases.

Brandon Crawford and his wife, Jalynne, welcomed their second child on Saturday. Crawford was given Sunday off to spend an extra day with his newborn daughter.

• Bochy was impressed with prospect Andrew Susac, who spent six innings behind the plate and added a two-run double on offense.

"He got worked pretty hard, and he did a nice job blocking some balls," Bochy said.

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