Kemp works with Puig, teammates in batting cages

Kemp works with Puig, teammates in batting cages

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Matt Kemp made an early appearance in the Dodgers' Major League clubhouse Monday before joining Yasiel Puig and other position player teammates in the batting cage, but that doesn't mean his return is ahead of schedule.

"Matt will be able to do a lot of things, but he's still a little bit behind schedule," said manager Don Mattingly. "There are certain things he won't do until everybody says it's OK -- running outside -- that's when his ankle and the doctors let us know what he's capable of."

Kemp is returning from surgery for a career-threatening injury to the talus bone in his left ankle and the club is now managing expectations because a setback could be devastating. There has been no indication when Kemp will try running, and he can't play if he can't run.

In addition to Kemp and Puig, position players showing up early included Cuban infielder Alex Guerrero (who also is working on second-base defense), Scott Van Slyke, Justin Sellers and Justin Turner.

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