Checking in with 'Amazing' wives of Getz, DeJesus

Checking in with 'Amazing' wives of Getz, DeJesus

Checking in with 'Amazing' wives of Getz, DeJesus

KANSAS CITY -- Sort of like the Royals and the Rays making a late run for it this season, the baseball wives team is hanging in there determinedly on CBS-TV's "The Amazing Race."

Nicky Getz, wife of Royals second baseman Chris Getz, and Kim DeJesus, wife of Rays outfielder David DeJesus, got slowed down in Sunday night's episode in exotic Abu Dhabi. They missed a connecting ride on a yacht, had trouble arranging a tray full of dates in a market and lagged in a high-speed run in a race car. (All this after Kim rappelled down a 200-foot building.)

So in the episode's final scene, they are the last team to check in and they're in tears because their race seems over. They had made it through seven episodes and were among six surviving teams of the 11 that started the crazy round-the-world dash.

But wait. The host informs them this was a non-elimination leg and they're still in the race.

"I thought we were going home!" says a relieved Nicky as they hug happily.

But can they pull a worst-to-first comeback? Stay tuned next Sunday.

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