Oct. 24 Carlos Martinez postgame interview

Oct. 24 Carlos Martinez postgame interview

Q. What was the conversation like to keep you in the game to face David Ortiz?

CARLOS MARTINEZ:  Just basically told him not to get lost, and not to think about any situations, just basically keep on doing what you're doing, keep pitching and execute down the zone, and that's what he told me to do and that's what I did.

Q. Knowing that Ortiz was coming up, did you figure Randy was coming in at that point or did you think you had a chance to stay in the game?

CARLOS MARTINEZ: Obviously he's a very good hitter but I trust myself and I knew I had the stuff to get him out. But I wasn't thinking about if they're going to bring in the lefty or not, I was just ready until they take me out.

Q. How did it feel to be throwing to Yadi Molina?

CARLOS MARTINEZ:  I'm always talking to him. He gives me a lot of confidence in myself. He tells me to trust myself. He tells me to follow him and trust my stuff. One pitch at a time.