Oct. 18 Joaquin Benoit off day interview

Oct. 18 Joaquin Benoit off day interview

Q. You've watched the beating that Alex has taken really the last few years, but especially this season. What was the level of concern when you saw, first of all, the collision last night and then the foul tip that he took off the mask?

JOAQUIN BENOIT: Well, always with Avila, we always concern because he comes back with a concussion that sidelined him for little bit. And we always going to be concerned with him and that is he's always being beat up. And I guess he's hardheaded. But we saw that he came up and he was all right, so we happy because we have him back.

Q. What level of confidence with you guys going into Fenway needing to win but having Scherzer and Verlander going in the two games?

JOAQUIN BENOIT: This series has been really good for us pitchers. I mean, the innings we've played I think Scherzer and Verlander we feel really confidence because these are two guys (inaudible).

Q. Can you talk about the way the bullpen has performed? You guys have been in some really tight situations, but for the most part you really work out of those jams.

JOAQUIN BENOIT: Well, I think the guys that we have in the bullpen, they're young, but they have experience on the last few years. And I think they doing the job they supposed to. It has been really good to have like Veras, Alburquerque, that came back has been really strong for us. And myself, the rest of the guys, they're trying to fit in. And young guys like Alvarez and Putkonen, and Ricky who was the starter.

And I think everybody has contributed, and I think we going to be all right. I think we got a great group of guys. And we have come in and out of tough situations pretty good.