Oct. 16 Doug Fister postgame interview

Oct. 16 Doug Fister postgame interview

Q. You got a big lead today and everybody else has been in these knuckle‑gripping type of games. Did it change a little bit of your mindset or did you approach it the same thing with the lead?

DOUG FISTER: No, it's always the same approach for me. It's still, say, 0‑0 ballgame, no matter if it's 7‑0 or down 5. We're going to go out there and try to put up a zero every inning for them and get the offense back out there.

Q. You heard your manager talk about how things can change quickly. When Ortiz comes up in the third inning, did you feel that could be a pivotal at‑bat?

DOUG FISTER:  It doesn't matter who's at the plate or who's on. It's always a possibility of a game changer, and you really have to focus every pitch. These games are so tight, as he said, I mean, each ballgame has come down to one, maybe two pitches per team. And at that point you have to focus every time out. And if you make a mistake, it can cost you the game.

Q. Being down 2‑1, how big a game was this game for the Tigers?

DOUG FISTER:  I think it's definitely a momentum booster for us, and gives you us some confidence. But we've been down before. We've had our backs against the wall before. And it was a matter of today I think our whole team went out there with a sense of confidence and the fact that just said, hey, we're going to play loose baseball like we always do and not get too hyped up or put pressure on ourselves.

Q. Smyly was saying after the game this series has been like watching two heavy weights go after it.

DOUG FISTER:  That makes for a great series no matter what the turnout comes out with. We feel like we're one of the best teams in the American League right now. I think that's showing right now. We want it to be a good contest. It's mentally and physically draining every night, but that's what good baseball is all about.

Q. There's a lot of media attention, obviously, for the No. 1 and 2 pitchers, particularly with the Cy Young's and the ERA's, but how does that set a bar for you in your slot like, hey, I'm every bit as good as the other guys, if they're going to throw shutout ball for 6 innings, I can do it, too?

DOUG FISTER:  I don't look at it that way. I'm one of 25, going out there, and going to be pitching tonight with the teammates. And we're going to try to put up zeroes just like they are. Never want an opposing team to score one run. We don't look at it that way, I certainly don't. And it's a matter of we want to win the series, we want to move on and that's what it comes down to.

Q. Your curveball, particularly that 73 mile an hour job, that thing it looks as though it's taken on a little distinction of late, particularly with a little less velocity, is that the case in your mind?

DOUG FISTER:  I felt good with it tonight and that was part of the game plan was to throw it early. And it worked for me. I felt like I had pretty good control over it, being able to change speeds with it. And I think being able to throw that for strikes and for balls outside of the strike zone to possibly get some swings and misses on it, was definitely a benefit for me. It's one of the things that kept them off balance, and really tried to mix things up.