Oct. 14 Hyun-Jin Ryu postgame interview

Oct. 14 Hyun-Jin Ryu postgame interview

Q. First of all, I want to congratulate you on your first postseason win. Yesterday you said that you made a self- promise that you didn't want to let any runs in early in the game. You obviously surpassed that and didn't allow any runs. On such a big stage like today's game, what did you focus on? Can you please share your thoughts?

HYUN‑JIN RYU: All I was thinking about was the fact that we were down 2‑0, and I told myself this could potentially be the last start I ever pitched here this year. So I focused from the very first pitch I just zoned in and fortunately I was able to get a good result out of the game?

Q. I realize it's still fresh, but where does this victory rank among the biggest of your career?

HYUN‑JIN RYU: Obviously, my biggest games going back are probably the Olympic Gold Medal games, WBC Finals. It's hard to say, but I'd probably rank this game up there with one of those three games.

Q. Having the previous postseason start and getting the start in Atlanta against Atlanta that didn't go well. How much did that help you today in terms of just trying to control your nerves?

HYUN‑JIN RYU: I think it's pretty obvious I lost control the first three innings against Atlanta, so I just turned around and I focused in and tried not to let any runs in the first couple innings.

Q. To follow up on that question, do you feel that that experience made you more effective in this game dealing with any nerves? You understood what the playoff atmosphere is like?

HYUN‑JIN RYU: Yes, absolutely, he was a great help. He taught me a big lesson that in big games the first couple of innings it's that crucial and that important. Obviously, I played that today, and I plan on playing that in future games as well.

Q. When did you realize you had your best fastball tonight? Is it something you sensed in the bullpen beforehand or when the game started?

HYUN‑JIN RYU: I realized it today warming up in the bullpen that my fastball was on point. But I was trying to focus in a little more today, and I think I added a little more to the game.

Q. Your warmup session before the game was longer than usual today. Did that help you? Or were you able to loosen up a little bit more because you had more time?

HYUN‑JIN RYU: No, I wouldn't say that. I warmed up the way I usually do. I just think I was just in good form today.

Q. Watching Hanley and Ethier run out there hurt today. How much of a lift did that give you both and your teammates?

HYUN‑JIN RYU: It's definitely a big motivation when you see your star players go out there hurt and bringing in the line for the team. It really inspires you and motivates you to go out there and do the best you can.

Q. Statistically you've had trouble in the first inning this season, and tonight you walked Beltran and had a couple of tough hitters coming up, but you got Holliday and Molina. Was that a big lift to you at that point to get out of that situation?

HYUN‑JIN RYU: No, I wasn't really concerned about the walk. I was just able to focus in and focus in on every pitch I could. Because, I guess you could say, I was overthrowing a little bit today, that's probably why that walk happened.

Q. When Donnie went out there in the seventh inning your pitch count was already 103. What was your condition and your body condition at that point? Second part of the question is after Donnie let you tie the last batter, how did that make you feel?

HYUN‑JIN RYU: When he came up, I felt completely fine. My body was in good condition. Obviously, when he walked away and gave me the green light to go after the last batter, whenever you feel that kind of a trust from your manager, actually it motivates you to make sure you commit and get that out.

Q. We talked about yesterday how Donnie mentioned that if your outing wasn't that sharp he would be quick to pull you because you are more of a second half pitcher than a first half pitcher. Now seeing that you actually did well in the first half and not so much the second half, did what Donnie said yesterday inspire you at all today?

HYUN‑JIN RYU: No, absolutely no influence at all. He's right, and I just do what he tells me to do.