Oct. 14 Ricky Nolasco pregame interview

Oct. 14 Ricky Nolasco pregame interview

Q. How do you view the long layoff you've had in terms of arm strength, command of your pitches and stamina?

RICKY NOLASCO: I feel fine. I got in the sim game a few days ago, and I've been throwing regularly on the side, and long tossing. So I feel good, ready to go.

Q. Your team's going to be behind tonight whether you win or lose. Last series the Dodgers decided to go with Clayton in Game 4 even when they were ahead. How convinced are you that you are pitching tomorrow?

RICKY NOLASCO: I don't know. Until somebody says otherwise, I'm focused on going out there and pitching tomorrow. Those things are out of my control. I'm only concentrating on the things I can control.

Q. Nobody's said otherwise?


Q. (Question in Spanish)?

RICKY NOLASCO: (Answer in Spanish).

Q. I'm assuming you were talking about the sim game here at Dodger Stadium last Wednesday. Can you be more specific about what you have done off the mound since then?

RICKY NOLASCO: Just regular, like that was -- I treated that like a game. Threw a bullpen two days after that just like a normal routine of a start from start to start. Just been playing catch and doing flat grounds like normal like I would in between starts and everything feel goods.

Q. Do you remember how many pitches you threw in that sim game? 

RICKY NOLASCO: I think it was about 80.

Q. How much stock do you put into regular season appearances against a team you're going to face in the postseason?

RICKY NOLASCO: I mean, the more you see a team, the better it is, obviously. Whether the results are good or bad. You know what adjustments you do have to make if they're on you or what things you want to keep doing if you do have success against a team.

But I just try to stay level about it, whether you do good or bad against a team. Doesn't mean anything about how you're going to do against them the next game whether it be regular season or postseason.

Q. Have you talked to Don at all about, God forbid if you guys don't win today, how that might affect your role for tomorrow if that could change?

RICKY NOLASCO: No, I haven't. Last I heard is I was pitching. I haven't even thought about not pitching, so, we'll see whatever happens. Like I said before, those are decisions that are up to them, and whatever they decided to do is best for the team and I'll be ready to do it.

Q. Can you just talk about the emotional aspect of gearing up to pitch that first postseason game and then having that taken away and gearing up again potentially to start tomorrow?

RICKY NOLASCO: I mean, yeah. I think anybody would want to be able to pitch in a postseason game. You're pretty pumped up and got some adrenaline going. Just stay focused. When they tell me, hey, my time will come. Whether it will or it won't, everything is meant to be and happens for a reason, and that's the way I'm looking at it.

Q. Is this going to be the biggest start of your career? It's a big playoff game, obviously, for the Dodgers. You're a pending free agent. A lot of people look at performance in the postseason. There is a lot of value in that if you can pitch really well. Is this the biggest game of your life?

RICKY NOLASCO: I guess you could say that from an aspect for the team. I'm just trying to do whatever I can to help this team win. As far as being a free agent, I mean, whether I pitch good or bad, it doesn't dictate on what kind of pitcher I am throughout the whole season. That's what free agency is about. I'll be ready to go either way and we'll see what happens.

Q. (Question in Spanish)?

RICKY NOLASCO: (Answer in Spanish).

Q. Your last three starts you struggled in your pitching before that in terms of what was working or what wasn't working. Can you explain any differences you saw in your sim game, if any?

RICKY NOLASCO: It was a couple bad starts here and there. Didn't locate as good as I was before. Caught a couple of tough breaks here and there. But those things are going to happen throughout the course of 34 starts in the season. Like I said, even the starts where I struggled, I felt good, arm felt good and stuff like that. So I felt good in the sim game and I'm ready to go tomorrow.