Oct. 13 Jim Leyland postgame interview

Oct. 13 Jim Leyland postgame interview

Q. What was the thinking behind bringing Benoit there instead of going to Coke?

JIM LEYLAND:  Coke hadn't pitched a big game for quite a while. Benoit is our guy against the lefties, and we felt he gave us the best chance to get the out.

Q. You've been managing for a long time. The two games that you played here are really baseball classics. Can you address the great baseball we've seen.

JIM LEYLAND:  It's playoff baseball. Looked like we had one in hand and we let one get away, there's no question about that. But there have been two great games, no question about it.

Scherzer was terrific. He was spent. Last night our bullpen was flawless, and tonight it just wasn't quite as good.

Q. I was following Scherzer's pitch sequencing quite a bit tonight and I think he was similar to Anibal yesterday in that he was very unpredictable, he got strikeouts and outs pretty consistent on three pitches. Was this consistent with what your staff has done?

JIM LEYLAND:  I think it's pretty consistent with what we do. You try to throw ‑‑ when you're looking at a fastball you try to throw something else. It's a cat‑and‑mouse game. You try to have a game plan going in and he was terrific. It's a shame to let that one get away, but that's baseball.

Q. Is Torii okay?

JIM LEYLAND:  Yeah, he's fine. He hit it pretty good, but he'll be all right. He's bruised up a little bit, but he'll be fine.