Oct. 10 Zack Greinke workout day interview

Oct. 10 Zack Greinke workout day interview

Q. Zack, what is the level of confidence that you and your teammates have going into this series, because you've had so much success on the road this year and the last time you were here?

ZACK GREINKE: I don't know. They've got Molina playing now who is maybe their Most Valuable Player. I don't know. So that changes a lot. We were playing really well at the time, and so it's different circumstances, I would say. But I would say we're definitely happier winning that series than, say, if we lost that series. We'd probably feel better about playing good here earlier.

Q. I know you study the game very closely. You've played against the Cardinals for a lot of years. What impresses you the most about their organization and all the success they've had in recent years?

ZACK GREINKE: Just their lineup is so deep. They have injuries, and then they bring up someone and it's like they don't miss anything even if it's a really important player for their team. They don't really give up any at bats, so it's always a grind. Even when they bring the young guys up, it's like they make adjustments faster than other teams. I talked to Skip and McGwire about how do they make adjustments so fast? I remember, Jay, there is a way to get on him out early on, and then the next year you couldn't really do that anymore. It seems that their team does that better than every other team.

Q. You just mentioned talking to Mark and Skip about these hitters. How much are you going to lean on them as far as preparing for these guys, and are you going to take what they say a little bit more than you would on a normal game?

ZACK GREINKE: Facing the Cardinals earlier, I talked to them a little bit. But pitching against them as much as I have, I kind of have a good feel. I'm sure they have a good feel against me. I have a good feel against them. Most of the stuff that Skip or McGwire will say is stuff that I've kind of already figured out for the most part.

Q. Clayton came back on three days' rest and pitched really well the other night. If in the Postseason this series or even in the World Series you had to be in that situation, would you be okay with pitching on three days' rest? Would that make a big difference?

ZACK GREINKE: I mean, I could probably respond to it, but I might give information out that we might want to keep a secret, so I just won't respond to that question for that reason.

Q. When you were in the playoffs against the Cardinals before, it was part of a big rivalry. Obviously, it's different when you're in the same division. Do you look at the Cardinals any different from other teams now that you're two years beyond playing in that?

ZACK GREINKE: I guess, that's a good point. They're sort of just another team now. But when you're playing in the same division, it's a lot more of a rival. I guess as soon as you switch organizations, the rivalry kind of ends, I guess. That's kind of how it feels in this instance, at least.

Q. What do you feel makes St. Louis' lineup so dangerous?

ZACK GREINKE: Just they're hard to strikeout, for one. So whenever you get in a situation where you need an out, you can't really -- it's tough to get the strikeout. Also they make adjustments, like I said earlier. So if you get them out one way, then the next time it's kind of tough. Do you want to try to get them out the same way and they adjust to it? Or are you going to switch your game plan up before they make an adjustment? And it's just -- I don't know. There are not many holes.

Once you get them out one way, most of their players can adjust, so you can't really just keep going to it. Where some teams you just keep going to the same spot and the hitters don't adjust. But if you make a mistake, that hitter usually hurts you. But they have the ability to hit just about any pitch you throw.

Q. With the additional rest that you've had leading into this start, how have you maybe changed up your between starts routine? It is in some respects a concern, because sometimes pitcher's stuff can be a little bit too firm after the long layoff?

ZACK GREINKE: Yeah, I was getting ready to pitch Game 5 and then once we won it, it was just kind of make the best adjustments possible. I mean, there's not much you can really do. Like you said, feeling too good. I tried to throw a decent amount yesterday so it's not too strong, and probably throw a little bit, like more than usual today too for that reason. Maybe that won't be the best way, but I think that's the best way.