Oct. 9 Freese, Adams postgame interview

Oct. 9 Freese, Adams postgame interview

Q. After some ups and downs this season, how great did it feel to get that home run today?

DAVID FREESE:  It was big. It was obviously a great feeling. A frustrating year a little bit, but just to get this far and to get to the NLCS is awesome.

Q. Talk about how after the home run Adam buckled down and kind of took over the game there.

DAVID FREESE:  Yeah, it's what you'd expect out of Adam, and he expects it out of himself. Just an absolute warrior. We're fortunate to have him on the mound tonight. You want your ace in that position, but he was sharp as he usually always is.

Q. The clubs record in back‑to‑the‑wall kind of games. Is there ever a moment of doubt going into games like this or is it we'll find a way to do this?

DAVID FREESE: Yeah, I think you just go in with some confidence. We don't overthink too many things. We understand what's at stake and all of that, but we just go out there and play the game. With Tony and now with Mike, it's always been just kind of even keel way to go about it. We just go out there and play hard and see what happens.

Q. You've seen Cole a second time. What were you seeing from him tonight?

DAVID FREESE:  He's a young stud, and he's really effective. Obviously he throws the ball hard and tight slider. But we really were fortunate to get on the board early. We beat a tough kid today.

Q. Your initial thought about playing LA?

DAVID FREESE:  It's going to be a blast, it's going to be fun, St. Louis and LA going at it. Obviously, they're a great team. You know, it's going to be huge. It's going to be a lot of fun.

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Matt Adams?

Q. Your view on the double‑play that ended the top of the 8th inning? Did you think you had him?

MATT ADAMS:  It was a bang‑bang play. I didn't feel him hit the bag, so I thought we had him. They went in the video room and said that his foot got stuck in the dirt, so the umpire made the right call.

Q. Could you comment on what the performance of Adam Wainwright does for the rest of the club? The confidence you have in him, that kind of thing?

MATT ADAMS:  It just boosts our confidence through the roof. He's done it all year. Just went out there and battled his butt off and made pitches on a tough team, so we were behind him 100%.

Q. Could you just talk about the home run, and especially in this environment, hitting the ball out and giving your team some insurance there?

MATT ADAMS:  Mark's a great pitcher, and he loves that cutter. So I had to be ready for that, just tell him to get a good pitch that I could get the barrel on. And the atmosphere as I was rounding the bases is unbelievable. We've got the best fans in baseball here.