Oct. 9 Jed Lowrie workout day interview

Oct. 9 Jed Lowrie workout day interview

           Q. Jed, what are your impressions of what you've seen of Sonny Gray both since he came up over the summer, especially late season, and of course the other night in Game 2?

            JED LOWRIE: Obviously you see the talent right away, you see the power arm. Especially in Game 2, you see how a young kid is going to react. Like Bob said, he went out there with all the confidence in the world and performed really well.

            Q. Having taken a step back from yesterday's game what is the general feeling like in the locker room going into tomorrow's game?

            JED LOWRIE: I think we have confidence, we're playing at home. We know what we're up against in Justin Verlander, but I think we're all prepared and know that it's a winner‑take‑all scenario and everybody will be ready to go.

            Q. What sort of approach do you guys take against Justin Verlander? You did have success with him as a team in August and obviously not so much in Game 2.

            JED LOWRIE: You know, I think the strength of our offense all year has been to trust everybody up and down the lineup and not try to do too much. That's the easiest way to get to a guy like Verlander, give yourself as many opportunities to score as possible. Get guys on base and get him to throw those stress innings and pitches where he's not able to cruise through innings.

            Q. Jed, what were the emotions like for you the first three games when you were struggling at the plate and what did it mean to have success in Game 4?

            JED LOWRIE: Yeah, gettin' that first hit in the first inning yesterday and driving in that first run was big. I felt like I had been struggling with the timing a little bit, and you hope when you jump back in and you're facing Max Scherzer or Justin Verlander.

            But those were two big hits for me and I feel more comfortable at the plate.