Oct. 8 Jose Iglesias pregame interview

Oct. 8 Jose Iglesias pregame interview

Q. You seem like you have kind of a playful relationship with Yoenis Cespedes and Callaspo, is that right? Do you know them from going back?
JOSE IGLESIAS: Yes, I know Yoenis Cespedes back from Cuba, yes, I know him.

Q. Were you guys friends? Could you describe your relationship with him, and do you know Callaspo?
JOSE IGLESIAS: Yeah, I know Callaspo from last year. He was playing for Anaheim and we always playing against him. Yoenis Cespedes, I know him from Cuba, obviously, but, yeah, we're really good friends.

Q. How is your left hand feeling from the hit by pitch at the end of the season?
JOSE IGLESIAS: Feels good now. I'm healthy and I feel good today.

Q. You mentioned earlier that you developed shin splits from training offseason on the sand. Are you going to change that routine this offseason?
JOSE IGLESIAS: Absolutely. I try to not do it again, to not get the feeling next year and be healthy all year long.

Q. What's the experience been like for you this week, your first postseason, just sort of describe the atmosphere, tough to keep the same approach?
JOSE IGLESIAS: It's been amazing. Oakland is an unbelievable team, playing over there is an unbelievable atmosphere. My first postseason, it's been an amazing experience and, hopefully, we will be better today after their win.

Q. How much have you been watching Boston and what they have been doing in the postseason?
JOSE IGLESIAS: They have been doing an amazing job. I try to watch every single game, they have been really good, happy for them.

Q. Do you still communicate with the players?
JOSE IGLESIAS: Some of them, yes.

Q. Did you want to talk about playing in an elimination game today? Any added pressure?
JOSE IGLESIAS: I think it's a good game, like any other game in the playoff. We just got to go up there and compete like we always do and try to get victorious today.

Q. Would you talk about your relationship with Jhonny Peralta.
JOSE IGLESIAS: Johnny is an unbelievable teammate and person. I'm so happy to have him here and I think he is a big part of this team.