Oct. 7 Coco Crisp postgame interview

Oct. 7 Coco Crisp postgame interview

Q. Coco, you sort of made it clear right from the get go that Sanchez might not be his usual dominating self here today. Not to take anything away from your hits, but what did you notice about his stuff today?

COCO CRISP: He's always good. Today it was 1 0, it was the first at bat, he threw me fastball. Next pitch I was able to put good wood on it. Torii almost made a fantastic play. I was hoping that it would get down and it did.

He pitched well, located his pitches. He has a good arsenal of pitches, fastball, change up, slider, curve ball. He can be tough. You gotta be patient with him. I think that's our key this series, be more patient as hitters.

Q. Does he throw more pitches than any starter in the league or how do you quantify his assortment of pitches versus other starters?

COCO CRISP: I think Yu Darvish has the most pitches. He probably has like seven, but four is a lot. When you have four quality pitches, it definitely makes you tough to get in there, get in the box and feel comfortable. You don't know what's comin'.

Q. Testing Jhonny Peralta's arm, looked like that was a no doubter to go, even though it was shallow?

COCO CRISP: Right. The wind was tricky out there today, and I know he's new out there and he's a great athlete to be able to move from shortstop and move the plays that he did today, but I think the wind carried the ball away from him which made it tougher for him to throw the ball.

He has a good arm and I still think he made a one hop throw, but his footwork because of the wind and the way he caught it made it easier for Vogt to score. And I'm glad he did because it was shallow, hit that triple, I know he was tired.

Q. Coco, seemed to be kind of a relaxed atmosphere in the clubhouse with you guys. Why are you guys so relaxed and laid back, even though you lost the first game, you came back and won the next two?

COCO CRISP: It's been our mentality the whole year. You're going to win some, lose some. You can't get too down on your losses and you can't get too high on your victories. I think we've done a good job with that the whole year. The first game was a little nerve wracking, and I think it got to us a little bit. But after we got our feet wet and were able to relax a bit, just be ourselves. We just go in there, have fun, took it like another game.

Q. You're a good judge of your own fly balls, do you think deep enough or not?

COCO CRISP: No, I didn't think it had a chance. When I hit it, I was like "Oh, that sucks!" The wind was blowing from right to left, so it helped me a little bit with the carry of the ball, kind of carried it just a little further than I thought it would.

Like I said, it was tricky out there, so he didn't get the proper technique to catch the ball to make that throw. A lot of things went into play to make me a little more successful in that at bat. But, yeah, I didn't think I had a chance.

Q. When the Tigers scored those three runs to tie it, how important was it for you guys to immediately respond?

COCO CRISP: It was very important. The crowd was electric, as soon as they scored those runs, they were loud, back in it, wavein' the white towels, and it makes it a little more exciting, I guess, from both sides. But definitely the home team is going to feed off it a little more.

Moss came up big for us, able to quiet them down, and we were able to keep the rally going. It was big that we were able to answer right back the very next plate appearances.

Q. Talk about the job your pitchers are continuing to do to quiet a lineup.

COCO CRISP: They have a fantastic lineup. Tip the cap to both sides. Our pitchers have been doing a great job, Tolo, Gray, and now Parker, going out there and facing this lineup. I'm grateful that I'm not a pitcher having to be on the bump to face this lineup and situation.

But keeping their composure, Tolo, Parker and Sonny, with the limited amount of exposure they had, Sonny had none and Parker had a little, it's remarkable. They're side has been doing a great job, too, it's been the battle of the pitchers, we have won two of them, hopefully we will keep it going.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Coco.

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