Oct. 6 Hyun-Jin Ryu postgame interview

Oct. 6 Hyun-Jin Ryu postgame interview

Q. The earlier part of the game today, we were wondering if it was just nervousness, anxiety? There were also some words going around about a possible injury. Can you talk about that?

HYUN‑JIN RYU: There was absolutely no injury whatsoever; and, of course, there was anxiety and I was a little bit nervous taking the mound.

But I think in the earlier part of the game when I had the count going my way, I think I should have honed in and focused a little more. I think that's the mistakes that I made.

Q. We've noticed that you used your changeup and your fastball combination a lot more than usual today. Was there a reason for that?

HYUN‑JIN RYU: Yes, I was leaning more towards my fastball and changeup. I felt more confident and more comfortable with it today. But obviously, that plan didn't work because I gave up a lot of hits and a lot of runs early in the game. But, yeah, I think I did use those two pitches more often today.

Q. How did this compare to pitching in the World Baseball Classic and the Olympics?

HYUN‑JIN RYU:  Yeah, I felt a little more anxious than compared to those games. Today was a little bit more intense. I just feel it's really unfortunate that in front of our fans I wasn't able to perform at a better level. If I get a chance to play again here or pitch again here at Dodgers Stadium, I'll be sure to perform better.

Q. There were some defensive mishaps in the bottom of the third inning on your end. Could you please talk about that?

HYUN‑JIN RYU:  Yeah, both incidents in the bottom of the third were completely my fault. Me covering first base, I just rushed and I missed the bag. The next play throwing, I tossed it to home. Just a thoughtless mistake there. I'm going to make sure those things don't happen again.

Q. Going back to the injury reports two days before your start, you threw a bullpen. There were a lot of reports about a possible injury. If you weren't injured, was that at least a distraction to you in preparing for today's game?

HYUN‑JIN RYU: No, none whatsoever. I was fully confident that my body was fine. I know myself better than anyone else if I'm not hurt. Doesn't matter what people say. I'm not hurt, so it wasn't a distraction at all.

Q. I've covered you as a player for a very long time, and I think out of every game I saw you play in you showed the most emotion today. Can you talk about what this game meant to you and why there were so many emotions during this game?

HYUN‑JIN RYU:  Yeah, that might be true. I just had a lot of disappointing things happen to me in today's game. That's why different negative emotions came out. I'll certainly use this as an opportunity to make sure my next starts these things don't happen again, and I'll just take it as a learning lesson.