Oct. 6 Julio Teheran postgame interview

Oct. 6 Julio Teheran postgame interview

Q. What do you think the biggest difference was tonight? Did your emotions get the best of you?

JULIO TEHERAN:  Well, I felt the difference. I think I didn't have like preparation, but I was a little excited about this game. I didn't have my best, and I tried my best. It was just one of those games that you do everything, and the things don't go as you expect.

Q. How disappointing was it for you considering the first inning when you got out of a little bit of trouble with the two strikeouts and you looked like you were kind of ready to do well? How disappointing for the game to turn so quickly on you?

JULIO TEHERAN:  Well, I wasn't disappointed. I was just trying to get out of the difficult innings, and I tried to throw my pitches and made a couple of mistakes that I had to pay for.

Q. It seemed like you had more trouble putting guys away tonight. Had you Ellis 1‑2 before you walked him there in that inning. Did you feel the same way that maybe you just weren't able to put guys away?

JULIO TEHERAN: Well, I felt the same thing. I feel like I was pulling a little bit, trying to do like ‑‑ trying to get too much, trying to do too much, and that's how I walked him. I was getting trouble with the ball away.