Oct. 2 Desmond Jennings postgame interview

Oct. 2 Desmond Jennings postgame interview

Q. This is kind of a textbook Rays game as far as pitching and defense, you guys catching everything and the plays Loney made. Can you talk about the extra significance you guys place on defense?

DESMOND JENNINGS:  We feel like defense wins games, and definitely the way Alex went out and pitched today, just felt like it was just another start for him. You know the situations he got himself out of and you know the plays that were made behind him. That's what we feel wins games.

Q. What do you think has enabled this team to play as well on the road as it has in the last week or so?

DESMOND JENNINGS:  I feel like, I don't know, we played loose. We feel like we can win any game, any time, any place. You know the last part of our schedule, we felt like going into New York and Toronto kind of helped us when we got to Texas, playing on the road. We went through, played some tough games, played Texas at home and Baltimore, felt like we played some tough games at home, and just at the end of the season to help us get ready for the situation we're in now.

Q. You're playing Boston again, 19 times during the regular season, and they beat you 12 times, but they didn't hit very well against you during that time. Any ideas on how to beat them finally, turn the tables on them?

DESMOND JENNINGS:  Just going to go out and play our game. We feel like our pitching is good. They have good pitching, too, so you know it's always going to be a battle playing those guys, especially in Fenway. But we're going to go out and play our game and hopefully come out with a victory.

Q. Was the silly string your idea?

DESMOND JENNINGS: The silly string? No, no, that wasn't me. But it felt good. 

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