Hamilton to put weight back on during offseason

Hamilton to put weight back on during offseason

ARLINGTON -- Don't expect Josh Hamilton to come into Spring Training light again.

Last offseason, he started a natural-juice diet -- or "lifestyle change," as he calls it -- and entered at an estimated 227 pounds, roughly 20 pounds lighter than normal. For next year, he's scrapping that.

His goal is to enter at his traditional 245 pounds again.

"I'm going to try to put some weight on, but do it the right way -- by doing a lot of the things I'm doing now, but adding more calories, things like that," Hamilton said. "Because this year, I haven't been weaker than I have -- I'm just as strong in the weight room as I've ever been -- but I think there's something to say about having a little extra butt on you."

Throughout the course of the season, Hamilton has lost about 10 pounds. He used to lose about 20 to 25 pounds when playing in Texas' warmer climate -- and is at about 215 pounds now. Next year, he'd like to finish no lighter than 230.

Hamilton has often said that his body feels great, but the weight loss may have impacted his power. He entered Thursday's contest against the Rangers with 21 homers. And even as he's turned it around at the plate lately, his power hasn't really emerged. Hamilton is batting .329 over his last 41 games, but he only has five home runs during that stretch.

Asked if his new weight impacted his power, Hamilton said: "It's hard to answer, because if I would've been hitting well, then you really would've found out. You know what I mean? But there was never really consistency throughout the year, of getting hot and staying hot for a while, so I really can't answer the question."

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