Third to first

Third to first

• Pitching coach Don Cooper returned to the White Sox dugout after a flare up of early-season stomach issues that cost him 10 games. He missed three games in Baltimore over the weekend.

"He seems fine," said White Sox manager Robin Ventura. "He was going to go get checked. If he feels good enough, he'll be here today. So that's good."

• Garcia had root canals performed on two different teeth Monday, keeping him out of action against the Tigers.

"We're going to let him relax and not do anything today," Ventura said. "So, hopefully tomorrow he'll be able to play."

Adam Dunn explained his non-retirement comments once again before the start of this 10-game homestand. Dunn stressed how the only point he was trying to make was that if the game no longer was enjoyable for him, he would walk away regardless of stats or money owed to him.

"Probably the first time I ever said those words, I was probably 22 years old," Dunn said. "The day that I'm not having fun, the day that I walk into a locker room and it's tough for me to show up or the competitive juices aren't flowing, I'm leaving. I'm going home.

"For some reason, people take that as I'm retiring. Is this year hard? Yeah, it's hard. Has it been one of the harder ones? Yeah, because the expectations that we had in this locker room were so high. To play like we are playing, it's a huge letdown. I don't know where that comes into that I'm retiring."

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