Coliseum quirk puts Rays closer in lockdown

Coliseum quirk puts Rays closer in lockdown

OAKLAND -- Opposing teams should know by now that playing at the Coliseum can be a tricky proposition.

In July, the Mariners ended a game to find a swamp of sewage that had backed up through the drains and into the team clubhouse. And on Friday, the stadium's quirks could have affected the Rays' bullpen situation.

Tampa Bay closer Fernando Rodney found himself locked in bathroom of the visiting dugout for about 15 minutes in Friday's series opener, before the door handle was finally broken to rescue him from the clutches of the lavatory.

The Rays took the episode lightly, hounding Rodney in faux celebration midway through the eighth inning, but whether the game presented a situation in which his services would have been required begs a question of etiquette.

"There's some events that take place in this building that maybe not so much in others," A's manager Bob Melvin said. "For a guy who's that important and whether or not they were having him warm up, I'm sure there was a little trepidation going on with that. If it doesn't affect things, it's kind of funny."

"I've actually been in there a couple of times where I had a little trouble getting out of there," Melvin added. "Not to the extent of last night. I would think that you could potentially stop the game if you have a guy that you're expecting to go in and he can't get out. I would probably have to go to the umpires and explain the situation."

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