Sandberg a fan of hitting Rollins in No. 2 spot

Sandberg a fan of hitting Rollins in No. 2 spot

NEW YORK -- It sounds like Ryne Sandberg would have Jimmy Rollins hit second every day if he could.

It seems to be ideal for the switch-hitting shortstop.

"In the two-spot, you often have a game plan with the game situation," Sandberg said Tuesday at Citi Field. "If he's batting left-handed and you've got a guy on first, he's got the hole to work with -- a possible hit-and-run candidate. If the guy steals, now he's got the pull swing to get him over. Then from the right side it's the same type of thing. I actually think that could work well with him, having more of an execution plan and a job to do. I think when he's given a job at home plate and he has a job that he needs, whether it's a big RBI, whether it's a sac fly, hit the hole, I think that's when he's at his best.

"It gives him a focus, it gives him a job to do. I know he likes to do the job. I know in the leadoff spot if there's nobody on I could see if that doesn't fit you too well, it becomes just a swing mode without really a game plan."

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