Sox reunite with A-Gone, Crawford, Punto

Sox reunite with A-Gone, Crawford, Punto

Sox reunite with A-Gone, Crawford, Punto

LOS ANGELES -- For the first time since Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett and Nick Punto were traded to Los Angeles almost exactly a year ago, the Red Sox and Dodgers faced each other on Friday night.

It seems like a classic case of a deal that has worked out for both sides, given that Boston and Los Angeles were both in first place.

"Obviously a big trade, I mean, I guess to understate it," said Dodgers manager Don Mattingly. "Us getting Adrian, I knew we weren't getting Carl until this year. He was excited about that going forward. And Josh, at that point last year, gives us another guy, felt like he'd be good down the stretch for us.

"Obviously, just a big trade and it changed the look of our club. Now you looking back it now, it's helped both clubs. And it's helped our club. Adrian's been solid for us. Nick, who seemed almost like a throw-in in the deal, has been great for us. Carl, for the most part, other than a couple of leg things, has been good. We're happy with it, and [the Red Sox] seem to be doing fine also, so it's been a good deal."

Crawford stole two bases in Friday's 2-0 win for the Dodgers, while Gonzalez went 0-for-3.

Crawford declined to speak to the media both before and after the game. Gonzalez holds no ill will toward his former team. In fact, aside from this weekend, he wants them to do well.

"You always root for your ex-teammates, the guys that you live next to for a bunch of time and I had some really good friendships over there, so you always want to root for those guys," Gonzalez said.

To say the Dodgers, who are 29-5 since the All-Star break, are torrid would be an understatement.

"Yeah we're a great group of guys, great clubhouse, great atmosphere," said Gonzalez.

Beckett is out for the remainder of the season following surgery. Punto, as he's done for much of his career, was ready to contribute off the bench.

"I thought it was an unbelievable place to play," Punto said of Boston. "I loved the accountability factor. You'd go to the grocery store and get hitting advice. That part is awesome. But we were going from a last-place team to a potential first-place team, and that's the goal -- the goal is to get to the postseason. It was a great move in that regard."

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