Millar says Yankee Stadium is 'too nice'

Millar says Yankee Stadium is 'too nice'

Upon its grand opening, the new Yankee Stadium -- in addition to being a monumental structure with all the amenities -- was meant to pay homage to all the history of the old ballpark across the street.

So far, though, that concept hasn't resonated, according to Blue Jays reserve first baseman and long-time American League East player Kevin Millar.

The always-honest Millar was on an XM Radio show called "Power Alley" on Tuesday and was asked about his first impressions of the new Yankee Stadium, which he saw firsthand when his team played a four-game series there that ended on Monday.

In so many words, Millar told host Jim Duquette the $1.5 billion structure is "too nice."

"I'm not a big fan of it," said Millar, in quotes provided by The New York Times. "Nothing pops there; nothing pops. The old stadium, you walked in, you knew this was where [Mickey] Mantle played and [Joe] DiMaggio. It was just that old school. I got booed a lot louder. They didn't boo me as loud here. I like to get booed. They were too nice to me here. They're too nice to me. I don't know if it's all corporate, but they're too nice."

Millar did admit "it's a beautiful facility" and that his skepticism is likely reared by the fact that he just "loved the old stadium."

The 37-year-old -- who has played with the Marlins, Red Sox, Orioles and Blue Jays -- added that it's hard to read hitters' stats and pitchers' velocity on the scoreboard, and suggested the monuments making up Monument Park in center field should be pulled up so they can be more visible.

As for whether the new stadium will ever capture the mystique of the old one?

"It's not impossible, but yes, all the comeback wins and all the memories there [at the old stadium], of course, it's going to take time," Millar said.

"But it's a gorgeous scene, I guess, for the fans inside -- the food, the televisions, all the marble and stuff. But from what we see as a player, you walk in the lobby and it was straight concrete. We walk in the locker room, beautiful locker rooms, but it was just, it was OK, personally."

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