Cave Concerts: Justin Moore

Cave Concerts: Justin Moore

The MLB Fan Cave is pleased to add country artist Justin Moore to the September lineup of the 2013 Concert Series. Justin Moore will play an exclusive live set on Wednesday, September 18, beginning at 6:00pm.

The performance is open to the public and fans are encouraged to visit the MLB Fan Cave (corner of 4th and Broadway) for the chance to see the set. Please note that space is limited and the first 200 fans in line will gain access.

Moore, a huge Atlanta Braves fan, has loved baseball since he was a child and was a talented player in his youth.

"Baseball has always been my favorite sport. I love the team aspect of it. There is so much going into every pitch. I was a catcher. I loved calling games. I grew up a Braves fan in the TBS generation. So, I'm a happy man so far this year. They have played good ball. Hopefully, their pitching will hold up in the playoffs."

For more on Justin Moore, visit his official website.