Daniels, Washington support expanded replay

Daniels, Washington support expanded replay

Daniels, Washington support expanded replay

ARLINGTON -- Rangers general manager Jon Daniels and manager Ron Washington are both in favor of Major League Baseball's intention to expand replay next season.

"I haven't seen the exact logistics and how all the challenges will work, but it's a big step forward for the industry," Daniels said. "They're trying to get the calls right. Regarding the mechanics, those things can be worked out by trial and error. But it's a great step forward."

Under the new guidelines presented by MLB executive vice president of baseball operations Joe Torre to all 30 clubs on the last day of the Owners Meetings, managers will play a more active role in instant replay next year. Those changes still have to be voted on in the next Owners Meeting in November and will also need approval from the Players Association and umpires.

The proposed changes would give managers the power to challenge a call that doesn't involve balls or strikes. They would be allowed three challenges -- one in innings one through six, two from the seventh inning forward. Should they successfully challenge a play, the challenge wouldn't count against them and would remain available for later use. The current system of reviewing boundary calls for home runs will remain in place.

Washington said he'll likely have to rely on his third- and first-base coaches to help him decide when to challenge plays on the basepaths.

"I'll make sure they're on top of the play so I don't waste my time going out there," Washington said. "They'll let me know."

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