Leyland, Hunter support new replay proposal

Leyland, Hunter support new replay proposal

Leyland, Hunter support new replay proposal

DETROIT -- Tigers manager Jim Leyland has been arguing for a couple years that hits besides home runs should be able to be reviewed. Joe Mauer's line drive down the line at Yankee Stadium in the 2009 American League Division Series, he argued, was more important than a throwaway home run in a runaway game.

With Thursday's news that Major League Baseball is moving toward expanded replay, including challenges available for managers to use, Leyland seems to have people agreeing with him. He didn't know all the details as of Friday afternoon, but he sounded encouraged.

"I think it's 2013. I think the fans and everybody else, they want to see it right," Leyland said. "It doesn't bother me one way or another. ... I'd have to look at it to see exactly how it's detailed. I'll probably talk to Tony [La Russa] about it."

La Russa was reportedly one of the close advisers on the plan. He's also a close friend of Leyland.

Hunter is curious how it'll work. He's wondering if it'll resemble something like the NFL, where coaches throw red challenge flags onto the field.

"I wonder if he can throw a red baseball out there to challenge," Hunter said. "Think that'll work? Get a red baseball that you can throw right in between the pitcher and the catcher."

That said, he supports the idea of reviewing more crucial plays, especially in the postseason. He wasn't on that Twins team that got hurt by the Mauer missed call, but he said there was no way for them to overcome that.

In the regular season, he said, it's easier.

"We have more games to make up for it, because you play every day," Hunter said. "Just like us as hitters, if we strike out three times, we have tomorrow to make up for it. And if they make a bad call, we have tomorrow to make up for it. But you don't have tomorrow in the postseason. You make a bad call, you lose, you go home. It's very pivotal that they have that in the postseason."

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