Giants Visit the White House

Giants Visit the White House

The San Francisco Giants visited the White House today as President Obama honored the 2012 World Series champions. They took a tour of the grounds and eventually had the ceremony.

Check out some of the highlights:

Hunter Pence showing off his more sophisticated side here with his patented Red Velvet look. He might not be the smoothest guy on the field, but I can't deny the man is smooth off the field.

Kung Fu Panda hanging out by a fireplace with a bunch of expensive looking things.

Guillermo Moscoso, Marco Scutaro, and Pablo Sandoval.

Meeting the President.

Dress rehearsal for the club.

This is pretty cool to hear.

I think the best autographs are ones you can read. Obama didn't necessarily say that, but we're kind of on the same page here.

@AlexPavlovic has to have Posey confused with Trout, right? I think that's what happened here.

Vote of confidence from the President.

All in all, looks like it was a good day to be a Giant.