Bramos' Beat the Streak bid concludes at 41 games

Bramos' Beat the Streak bid concludes at 41 games

Bramos' Beat the Streak bid concludes at 41 games

The streak might be over for Bob Bramos, but surely the dream is not.

Bramos, a 32-year-old resident of Troy, Mich., flirted with history by reaching 40 games in hopes of capturing the elusive Beat the Streak grand prize of $5.6 million, but, alas, Sunday proved to be the end of his streak. He did not reach 41.

Bramos' selection for Sunday, the Cardinals' Matt Carpenter, flied out to left field twice, hit into a double play, and in his last at-bat of St. Louis' Sunday night loss to Atlanta, flied out to center field, temporarily dashing Bramos' hopes with an 0-for-4 effort.

Beat the Streak participants try to establish a virtual hitting streak by picking one or two big leaguers per day, with their streaks continuing as long as their selections collect at least one hit that day. In 13-plus seasons of BTS play, no one has matched Joe DiMaggio's magic hitting streak of 56, set in 1941. To win the $5.6 million grand prize, one must surpass Joe D.'s record streak.

"Carpenter just felt right tonight," Bramos said after the fateful game had ended. "He did not get a hit yesterday and his team was due to have a good game. It's too bad it's all over. I had a great time."

Now Bramos must start all over again, but he's going about it with a good attitude.

"I have so much fun playing and will continue to as long as you guys keep the game going," Bramos said. "Now that it is over I am going to cash in my two tickets to a Tigers game and have a fun night out."

Bramos is the seventh Streaker to enter "Club 40" during the 2013 season. In the first 13 years of BTS combined, only 32 contestants reached the 40-game plateau.

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