Price will face Boston again on Monday

Price will face Boston again on Monday

NEW YORK -- David Price will start Monday's game in Boston, which is the makeup game from Thursday's postponement due to rain. The move pushes Roberto Hernandez back a day, which means Hernandez will start the first game of the homestand Tuesday against the Diamondbacks.

"It is an obvious decision, it's just the way it worked out," Rays manager Joe Maddon said. "The rainout ... just allows [Price] to pitch another game up there. He did pretty good the last time out. Hopefully he's going to be able to maintain that kind of success that he's had at that ballpark. So it's just one of those coincidences, and hopefully it works to our favor."

There was no reason for the Rays not to make the move after the way Price carved up the Red Sox in a complete-game performance Wednesday night at Fenway Park.

"We've seen him good," Maddon said. "We've never seen him this good."

Price called the situation "kind of unique."

"You don't do it a whole lot in the same ballpark," Price said. "I feel like I had two back-to-back starts against the same team last year in Baltimore then at home against Baltimore, against Miguel Gonzalez both times. But doing it at the same park twice in six days, you don't do it a whole lot."

Since coming off the disabled list on July 2, Price has been a strike-throwing machine, tossing three complete games on less than 100 pitches in a span of four starts.

"If we didn't have this makeup game, then I would have been throwing on Tuesday and I would have had an extra day of rest," Price said. "That would have been an extra 24 hours. We're all throwing the ball extremely well right now, so we want to stay on the normal days' rest and take the ball every fifth day."

Price wouldn't concede that he has any kind of advantage against the Red Sox, even if he did have a dominant performance Wednesday night.

"Still [have to] make pitches," Price said. "Like I said before, [the Red Sox have] the toughest lineup. I feel like they have the best approach. I'm going to have to be a little different, because I'm still going to be extremely fresh on their minds, what happened two days ago.

"And they're going to remember the way that I got them out. And they're going to remember the balls that they hit hard, pitches I threw in certain counts, stuff like that. I'll just have to kind of watch what I did then and keep that in the back of my mind and use it however I need to."

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