Puig fan Scioscia says he's not an All-Star yet

Puig fan Scioscia says he's not an All-Star yet

Puig fan Scioscia says he's not an All-Star yet

ANAHEIM -- While Angels manager Mike Scioscia does not feel Yasiel Puig has been in the Major Leagues long enough to deserve an All-Star bid, he is not discounting the abilities of the Dodgers' young phenom.

"If he's not an All-Star this year, he's going to be an All-Star for years to come" Scioscia said. "But I do think you have to play enough to earn a spot on the All-Star team."

As the baseball world is seemingly captivated with Puig's every move, it is easy to forget Puig entered Thursday having only played in 28 games and recorded 116 plate appearances.

Scioscia said Puig's instant success and fanfare is similar to what Mike Trout experienced a season ago.

"I think there are a lot of things you can draw parallels from in what Puig is doing and what Mike did last year," Scioscia said.

Although Trout made the All-Star game as a rookie, he entered the All-Star break with 290 plate appearances - roughly double what Puig will likely have at the same juncture, and he hit .341 with 12 home runs.

Regardless of Puig's All-Star fate, Scioscia said Southern California is home to two players who will be prominent in baseball for a long, long time.

"Over the course of the next 15 years, God willing these guys stay healthy, you're going to have two guys that open up a lot of eyes when you look back at all the numbers," Scioscia said.

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