Granderson has pin removed, will start gripping bat

Granderson has pin removed, will start gripping bat

NEW YORK -- Curtis Granderson joined the Yankees in the clubhouse and on the field during batting practice before Friday's game against the Rays. The injured outfielder had a pin removed from his hand on Thursday as he continues to recover from a fractured left pinkie he sustained on May 25.

Granderson got hit by a pitch from Rays reliever Cesar Ramos in May, just three months after breaking his right forearm while being hit by a pitch from Blue Jays starting pitcher J.A. Happ in Granderson's first at-bat of the spring. In all, Granderson has played just eight games and made 31 plate appearances.

"It's been interesting across the board," Granderson said. "Something good happens, something bad kind of happens, but the main thing, and I talked to [fellow outfielder Brett] Gardner on the way in, it could be way worse in the grand scheme of things."

Granderson will now start gripping a bat. He's feeling better.

"No pain, no soreness," the outfielder said.

The next step in rehab will be in the pool, where Granderson will swing a smaller object similar to a bat before moving on to a one-handed bat, and ultimately, a larger bat. Then he'll start taking some dry swings and tee toss.

"Once we get that going," Granderson said, "things should hopefully go relatively quickly."

The veteran has been doing lower-body lifting, but until now hasn't been able to do anything with his upper body. Granderson said, however, that he could probably start now.

Granderson had lunch with general manager Brian Cashman on Friday, too. He'll lift again in New York before heading back down to Tampa, Fla., in the next few days to continue his rehab.

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