Quote of the Day: Jayson Werth

Quote of the Day: Jayson Werth

Natitude has reached new, strange heights.

Following a 4-2 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies, Washington Nationals veteran outfielder Jayson Werth expounded upon the cliché "you have to have a short memory" quote in his post-game interview, offering up this gem.

Via the Washington Post:

"Stuff doesn't bother us. When you get to this level, play for this long, you've learned to get over stuff like that pretty quick. It's just part of it. People that drown in it and people that take it home and allow it to eat at them and all that don't usually last too long. They don't stick around. That's all part of being a big leaguer. You've just got to do it. You've got to show up tomorrow ready to eat somebody's face."

The quote resonated through the clubhouse, eliciting some social media love from his teammates.



We'll see if the new outlook on rebounding from a loss lights a fire under the Nats, who have been treading water around .500 for the last month.