The Best Catches of the 2013 MLB Season

The Best Catches of the 2013 MLB Season

More than 1,000 games into the 2013 season, we’ve seen some incredible moments so far in the MLB Fan Cave.

Sure, it mostly consists of 16, 18, 19 and 20-inning games, and we have yet to see our first no-hitter or perfect game even though last year at this point the Dwellers had already seen FIVE (end rant).

Whenever there’s a beautiful catch, the Dwellers stand up and go nuts. Except when it’s against our team, then we fall to our knees and probably squirt a tear or two.

Here are some of the best catches we’ve seen this season.

5) Aaron Hicks vs. Chicago White Sox (May 13)
Hicks makes this one look WAY too easy. The Big Donkey had that strut going after putting a nice swing on the ball, but the Twins center fielder brought back the potential game-tying home run.

4) Will Venable vs. San Francisco Giants (June 17)
Sometimes context is everything. In this case, it’s packaged with perfect execution. The game on the line, Will Venable saved the game with this 12th-inning grab and the Padres went on to win in 13.

3) Brett Gardner vs. New York Mets (May 27)
The New York Yankees center fielder covered a ton of ground to help the Yankees retain a 1-0 lead with this sixth inning grab, but Daniel Murphy had the last laugh with a go-ahead double two innings later.

2) Peter Bourjos vs. Baltimore Orioles (June 11)
J.J. Hardy was supposed to be happy not to see Mike Trout roaming center field for the Angels. Bourjos didn’t get the memo. A near carbon copy of Trout’s robbery a year earlier, Hardy might have to try going opposite field next time.

1) Ben Revere vs. Cincinnati Reds (April 15)
The first truly awe-inspiring catch we saw in the MLB Fan Cave this season, and maybe the best one we’ll see all year.