Cave Dwellers Reveal Favorite Moments Through 1,000 Games

Cave Dwellers Reveal Favorite Moments Through 1,000 Games

The 2013 MLB Fan Cave Dwellers have now watched more than 1,000 games in 2013. To honor the occasion, the Cave Dwellers present their favorite moments of the season so far.

Danny Farris: My favorite game was early in the season when Albert Pujols hit a two-out, two-run, walk-off double against the Astros. It was the last game of the night, we all went nuts, then went out to celebrate former Cave Dweller Ashley Chavez's birthday (and the Angels win, of course).

Marcus Hall: It was Mother's Day. Sunday Night Baseball. Which also means it was prime time. Chris Sale was masterful as he threw only 98 pitches in a complete game shutout, leading the White Sox over the Angels, 3-0. I kinda felt bad that it came against my fellow Cave Dweller and roomie Danny's team. But I didn't feel that bad.

Travis Miller: Hands down my favorite moment so far this season was the Mets' walk-off win against the Yankees on May 28. The greatest closer of all time on the mound and an offense starved for runs, I have not been that excited over a Mets win in quite some time. 

Mina Park: My favorite game so far was on the third night of the season when Yu Darvish was one out away from a perfect game. We still have not seen a no-hitter this year, which makes me appreciate his performance even more. 

Aaron Roberts: The feeling I had while witnessing Clayton Kershaw throw a complete game shutout on Opening Day against the Giants is hard to describe. The fact that he also hit a home run that day makes that feeling completely indescribable. It's something I'll never forget and never be able to replicate.

April Whitzman: Thinking about the Blue Jays game against the Orioles on May 26 still gives me chills. The Blue Jays were entering the ninth inning trailing 5-2 and about to face the Orioles' dominant closer, Jim Johnson. I thought for sure that the game was lost, but Marcus and Ben kept reminding me that it wasn't over yet. Sure enough, the Blue Jays mounted a four-run comeback capped off by a thrilling walk-off double by Munenori Kawasaki to give the Blue Jays the win and me a pie in the face! What an unbelievable game!

Ben Wietmarschen: My favorite game was the back-to-back home run walk off the Reds had against the Braves a month ago. Craig Kimbrel was pitching and had two strikes on Devin Mesoraco, I was eating a plate of pork sadly, and all of a sudden there's one home run, I go down the HR slide and as I'm walking back toward the Cave Monster, Choo goes yard and I sat down and ate the rest of my pork plate happy as a pig in SLOP.