Rehabbing Furcal visits Cardinals in Miami

Rehabbing Furcal visits Cardinals in Miami

MIAMI -- A familiar face strolled into the Cardinals' clubhouse around 3 p.m. CT on Friday afternoon.

Rafael Furcal, who is out for the entire season as he recovers from Tommy John surgery, is pleased with how his rehabilitation is going.

"I am happy with the way we're working right now," Furcal said. "It's progressing."

The 35-year-old has not thrown yet, but he is eager to reach that stage in the rehab process.

"Maybe when I get to about 8 or 10 weeks," Furcal said. "I'm just going to keep working hard every morning. It's a little boring, but it's getting better."

Furcal lives about 45 minutes south of the Cardinals' facility in Jupiter, Fla., where he has been working daily to get his elbow back to full strength. He anticipates moving his rehab to St. Louis later this year.

The three-time All-Star follows the Cardinals on a daily basis, but admits he misses being a part of the team.

"I'm so happy to see the team doing what it's doing," Furcal said. "It's good to see the games every night and have the team doing so well. It's tough for me, because I want to be part of the team."

Furcal, who plans to play winter ball in the offseason, says the hardest part of his rehab is being separated from the game he loves.

"It's tough when you've played for so long and then you're out for a whole year," Furcal said. "The fact that there is nothing you can do to come back even in September makes me a little bit crazy."

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