Sharks tale

Sharks tale

Sharks tale

There's a line from the comedy Step Brothers, starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. As punishment for unacceptable behavior, the middle-aged lead characters are told they cannot watch TV, that they have to grow up, find jobs and move out of the house.

"Dad, what are you doing?" the objection goes. "It's Shark Week!"

Meanwhile, in Bucks County, PA, the Discovery Channel should have had the cameras rolling on a rare collection of land Sharks.

A softball team made up of numerous graduating seniors, some of whom had been teammates for a decade, saved its best performance for last.

Wearing on their backs, the Sharks of Newtown staged a 5-0 postseason run to capture the Inter-Township title, twice defeating the opponent that held the No. 1 seed when play began.

Spoiler alert: Step Brothers culminated in an uplifting victory, too, at the coveted Catalina Wine Mixer.

The Sharks' celebration happened at Welch, in the shadows of the Miracle League field, and against cross-town rivals.

The final 10-7 triumph capped a journey in which the Sharks had rallied from a 3-2 deficit in the opening game, erupting for five runs in the seventh inning, never looking back, never trailing again.

Now, it's inspiring to look back, to recall when the first raindrops fell that Thursday night in June, how the Sharks first sensed blood in the water.

It became a battle call, along with "shark bait, hoo ha ha," introducing another movie reference, a window into the lighthearted camaraderie of this team. Instead of finding Nemo, these Sharks found their mojo.

"I hope that each time you look at your medal you can appreciate what you accomplished, both individually and as a member of the team," coach Jim Hillsman said. "You not only liked each other, but supported each other every time we played. You are a very special group."

Furthermore, added coach Dinn Mann, "Your ability to disrupt the opposition by concentrating and executing, by bunting, stealing, backing up throws, calmly coming through in the clutch on offense, defense and on the mound, separated you from everybody else."

That, and getting significant contributions from every player, from the youngest to the oldest, from every spot in the field and in the order.

Singling out individuals isn't the point here.

"They all know who they are, know what they did," coach Doug Miller said.

They all share in the memory.

Here's to Allie, Alysha, Ashley, Cara, Caroline, Elena, Emily, Erin, Laura, Maddie, Michelle, Olivia, Peyton, Shannon and Victoria.

Who knew? Collectively, Sharks, one thrilling machine.

While we're at it, cue the theme from Jaws. With all those hard-earned medals and the huge trophy, they definitely need a bigger boat.

Congratulations, Sharks, and thank you for representing, your coaches, families and friends with such effort and class.

All of you hardly are finished earning success. Never doubt, the tooth shall set you free.

Shark Week? You'll always have Shark Strength.

Fins up.

When he's not aggressively waving 'em around toward home as the Sharks' third base coach, Dinn Mann is Executive Vice President Content/Editor-in-Chief for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.